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Reusable swab
Reusable cotton swab for makeup
Last swab
Reusable swab
Reusable cotton swab for makeup

Reusable Swab

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Naked’s Reusable Swab replaces thousands of single-use cotton buds.

BENEFITS: A clean and reusable alternative. 

HOW TO USE: Use Reusable Swab just like you would a standard cotton bud. We highly recommend the Reusable Swab for makeup application. Remember now, swab responsibly :) 

HOW TO KEEP ME CLEAN: Soap and water, it’s that simple. 

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Just like with your standard cotton bud, never insert the swab into the ear canal or nose. For external use only. Improper use can cause injury. Keep out of reach of children.

Are you ready for change?
It’s estimated in England alone, 1.5 billion cotton buds (Cotton swabs if you’re Ameican) are used each year. After being used once, they are often flushed down the toilet, contributing to marine pollution. 

Scotland (we love you Scotland) has already banded plastic-stemmed cotton swabs and so has Italy. In April this year (2020), England will also ban single-use plastic buds. This ban will extend to all EU member states by 2021. Are you ready? 

Let’s talk about earwax (a.k.a cerumen) - there’s more to this golden nugget!

Earwax is produced by the ceruminous glands in the ear canal and serves to trap dust and foreign particles (e.g. bacteria and insects). Cleaning of the ear canal occurs naturally by a “conveyor belt” migration of wax to the external opening of the ear. 

Attempts to remove earwax with Q-tips/cotton swabs/ cotton buds/ reusable swabs is the most common cause of perforated eardrum and can interfere with this natural flow of wax, causing a blockade. This can be quite painful, cause hearing problems, dizziness or ringing in the ear. Just like crayons don’t belong up noses, the ear canal isn’t the place for reusable swabs.


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