We take the nasties out
Our Dental Crush toothpaste tablets are free from binding agents and preservatives.We say no to Carrageenan, Propylene Glycol, Triclosan, SLS and DEA.
At Naked Company, none of our products are tested on animals.
In 80% of the world, animals are still used for cosmetic testing.
We ask on our friends living outside the European Union to ethically source their cosmetics and take a stand for animal rights. Let’s wipe out animal testing in cosmetics for good!
Every purchase plants a tree. We have teamed up with One Tree Planted.
We are committed to re-greening this planet.We challenge ourselves to reduce packaging waste.
Our toothpaste tablets save the planet from 4 plastic toothpaste tubes.One Reusable Swab replaces thousands of single-use cotton buds.
Our bamboo toothbrush is an eco-friendly alternative to the conventional plastic toothbrush and doesn't sacrifice dental hygiene.
Once you're done with your brush, you can compost the handle. Now that is cool.