How to look after your bamboo toothbrush


Bamboo is a material that will keep best when stored dry. We recommend keeping your toothbrush upright in an open-air toothbrush holder between uses.  

How to reuse a toothbrush

 2nd USAGE 

We recommend replacing your toothbrush every 2 to 3 months. By then, the bristles look like it’s a bad hair day, every day. But before it’s ready for the compost, our bamboo friend can be a plant marker in the garden or even a great cleaning tool for those difficult nooks and crannies. 

what to do with old toothbrushes
When the time has come to dispose of your bamboo toothbrush, remove the bristles with a pair of pliers and dispose of in your household waste. The 100% biodegradable bamboo can be disposed of in your composting bin or used as firewood