Bubble Bars

Bubble Bars

Stay home with Bath Crumble.  Our zero waste bubble bars eliminate the plastic bottles around the tub. Each bubble bar is lovingly wrapped in a compostable plant-based film. 

How to use Bath Crumble? 

Add a slice of crumble to your tub. Watch the crumble dissolve and the bubbles form with hot running water. For extra bubbles, stir the water like a witch's cauldron.

Unlike a bath bomb where you place the entire product in the bath, with a solid bubble bath you just need to break a small cube off, crumble into your bath tub and run the bath like normal. For more bubbles, increase the flow of water and stir the water around

What makes our bubble bars so dreamy?

Cocoa butter is vegan and skin friendly. Rich in antioxidants and fatty acids it's a wonderful moisturiser and also prevents our bars going rancid. This ingredient allows us to keep our bubble bars naked- free from preservatives