How to Decompress with The Best Bubble Bath Ever

How to Decompress with The Best Bubble Bath Ever

Of course,self-care isn’t all about bubble baths and champagne, but we can’t recall the last time a bubble bath didn’t help us decompress, so maybe Forbes just isn’t doing it right.

There are innumerable proven health benefits of taking a bath, ranging from improved heart, gastrointestinal and urinary health to easy breathing, enhanced immunity, and balanced hormones.

Here’s how you can have a happy bubble bath day to cleanse and moisturize your skin and calm your nervous system:

The ambiance

If you don’t already have an idea of what spas are like, we’d suggest you create an ambiance that is calming, minimalistic, and serene.

Light up a few candles, play some soothing tracks, keep a comfort drink nearby, and anything else that seems to please you. If other people in the house accompany you, give them a friendly reminder not to be a buzzkill.

Set the right temperature

You don’t have to torture your skin with hot water; instead, use lukewarm water to be able to feel comfortable while soaking your body for at least 10 to 20 minutes.

Add some of your secret ingredients

After you’ve turned on the faucet, it’s time to start pouring in the ingredients to get your tub bubbling and fizzing.

Get cloud nine bubbles with the Naked Company’s bubble bars. They’re available in three scents: banana,plum & rhubarb, and rose. Just add a slice into hot running water and watch the crumble dissolve to give you a bubbly tub.

Best of all, this bubble bar is wrapped in a compostable plant-based film to help you reduce your carbon footprint and eliminate the need for plastic bottles around the tub.

A few drops of paradise

If you want to feel amazingly rejuvenated and smell amazing after the bath, add a few drops of essential oils. We recommend lavender or rose to maximize the relaxation aspect and step out, smelling like a flower field.


Before making a smooth exit, indulge in exfoliating your skin to gently scrub off the dead skin cells.

You can make use of the potato and lavender soap from the Naked Company. The potato puree will help your skin look glowy while the tiny walnut chunks gently exfoliate your troubles away.

Slather on some moisturizer

After you’ve dried yourself off with a fluffy towel, make use of a good moisturizer to lock in the moisture by trapping water in the surface cells and will help replenish the skin. You can also make use of body oils.

Browse through the Naked Company’s collection to check out our scents. We also sustainably produce other eco-friendly bathroom and oral products that are cruelty-free and vegan-friendly.

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