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 We're a bathroom & oral care brand that make quality, natural products without the ‘nasties’. We're on a mission to keep the world squeaky clean, opting out of using unnecessary chemicals  & excess packaging.



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Reviews from our Naked Customers

The format and the ingredients of these tablets attracted me. I often travel with hand luggage and having a non-liquid toothpaste is very useful!I like the fact that it has healthy ingredients as my teeth are quite fragile. The packaging is very small and eco-friendly, as a fervent recycling adept, I enjoy that! 

ecoliving toothpaste tablets review
Emilie, Etsy

I have recently made the switch from tube toothpaste to tablets, and I LOVE it. Naked Company's Dental Crush Toothpaste Tablets are so refreshing and give a seriously good clean. These tablets - developed by dentists - will help you reduce your waste in this 2x daily activity

ecoliving toothpaste tablets review
Natalie Kay, Sustainable Chic

I was actually really surprised with how fresh and clean my teeth were after using this product. It’s a bit more watery than normal toothpaste I guess due to not including binding agents which is what this product is all about. Natural ingredients without the bad stuff. I’m converted

toothpaste tablets uk reviews
Louise Humphries

The product is surprising at first (it was the first time I tried toothpaste as a tablet). After that, we get used to it very quickly. Fresh, good taste, fast delivery.

toothpaste tablets review

My teeth look whiter and feel squeaky clean. I don’t think I’m going back to paste.

Orla, Etsy